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Karaplex - Heartburn (Melodic Dubstep) Karaplex - Heartburn (Melodic Dubstep)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

So, this is where you first started implementing that characteristic growl bass of yours.

Before going through your entire discography, this was my third favourite Karaplex-era track. But after doing that, I can see why you think it's bad XD
Now, don't get me wrong. The growl bass is weird, but just the right kind of weird. In fact, it adds character to this track, being the first to use it and all. It's part of your signature sound after all.

Your sound design game is on point on here too. The synth chords and the percussion helped with the groove. I even found myself bopping my head to the drop at first :D
And I wouldn't call this melodic dubstep though. The synths and the overall groove are reminiscent of a future bass track instead.

And finally, the overall track seems a bit quiteter compared to your other tracks. Maybe if you turned up the master gain slightly, it would do the job. But that would create unnecessary distortion, so I see why you haven't done that.

Listening through your entire discography has been an enjoyable experience. Now I see how much you've grown as a producer.

Cheers :D

Skywalker Skywalker

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I like how there's a difference between the NG version and the EP version of Skywalker. On the latter, there's a sudden dubstep switch before the outro.
Amazing :D
And in said outro, the arpeggio seems slightly different. Don't know if it's just me, but I definitely hear a difference.
(Sorry for this not being a proper review.)

Lockyn responds:

Oooh, you're the first one to tell me they noticed! :D Glad you liked the little easter egg. It's a nice little change for those who downloaded on bandcamp. Cheers!

Koraii - Uplink [Lilysse Collective] Koraii - Uplink [Lilysse Collective]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

First of all, Koraii - this has gotta be my new favourite track from the album! It beat Euphoria, which is now second. I love it - and here's why:

Overall, I don't listen to synthwave, but this just blew my expectations. You really outdid yourself there :D
I love the overall vibe and atmosphere, and just the smoothness of the whole track. The percussion's fantastic. And those fills :o

Parts like the one in the middle of the song and the second half with the vocal chops are my favourite. The one in the middle (at 3:22) gives me strong 1980s vibes, and the part with the vocal chops is the most powerful part of the whole track. The chord progression makes it even better! And I also like the subtle wind effects in the background. They really help set the mood well.

And you gotta love that classic Karaplex bass :p

I say the 7-minute length is justified here. There's enough variation to keep the listener interested.
I hope this review was constructed well enough :p

Amazing work, Koraii!

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windluxmusic responds:

Thanks for the genuine support man, glad you enjoyed <3