Some stuff that are worth mentioning.

2017-11-08 14:04:26 by vidsmart

Instead of boring you with multiple posts, I'm simply going to list a few things that need to be said:

1) - For now, all my (potential) tracks will get posted on NG only. I'll start using my SC when I've improved my production skills to the point where I can safely deem my tracks as "suitable" for the platform.

2) - If it appears that my upload schedule's pretty inconsistent, it may be due to the following reasons / excuses / overexaggerations / whatever:

  • I'm busy with school.
  • I'm having one or more of those¬†days where I'm feeling down and really unmotivated to do...anything, really.¬†I know - how surprising, right? -_-
  • I'm experiencing writer's block (more lilkely to happen later on in my music production...journey)

I know no one's going to bother reading this, but thanks for understanding anyway.

Have a great day.