Entry #1

My music production medley.

2017-04-26 10:46:48 by vidsmart

I just realised that I'm not learning music production like I'm supposed to. I tend to focus on quality over quantity, which isn't something that a beginner "producer" like myself should focus on, especially when you're only in the exponential learning stage. I shouldn't focus on creating masterpieces, but instead I should focus on finishing a lot of projects to further develop my skills through repetition. Quantity should be my main goal for now if I want to develop some decent production skills later down the line.

I'll be inactive on Soundcloud for a few months, maybe more, as I only post "finished" tracks there. If I somehow pull myself together and actually finish some tracks/projects, I'll post them here, on NG.

Leave feedback! I want another set of ears to evaluate my work and point out what I did wrong. That's an essential part of being a producer, after all. I'm warning you in advance, the tracks WILL sound crappy. At least the first ones will. But every producer's first tracks sound like that, so no shame in that, I guess... I hope you understand.

And I also hope that the paragraphs above were structured correctly, and that you actually got something out of my revelation/realisation/whatever...

Sorry for the long ramble. See you soon, hopefully. And to all my 4 fans, stay safe!



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2017-04-26 10:55:27

Yeah, it's the same for me. I try to make songs, but they never turn out to my expectations, and i abandon them :v